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We are so excited to have you a part of the GUIDE Culture affiliate program!


What’s in it for you:

  • Commission: Effective 4/10/2020you will earn 10% of the sales price for a new student who uses your link. 
  • Monthly payouts: If a student uses your link and pays in full, you will receive the full 10% for that sale.  If a student uses your link and selects the 3-month payment option, you will receive your percentage of their payment each month as they pay until it is paid in full.  Payouts will be made through Paypal mid-month (15th or closest business day) and will be made for all sales commissions for the prior month.
  • Exclusions: Your affiliate link may not be used by you or a family member (who shares your address)
  • Affiliate Link Use: It is your responsibility to ensure that your link is used when your prospect purchases.  If your prospect does not use your link and purchases through another method, you will not receive the sales commission.
  • We encourage you to read the Affiliate agreement 

We love having you a part of the GUIDE Culture family and are thankful that you want to spread the word! 

GUIDE Culture Affiliate Program

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